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August 2016

Good morning!  I just wanted to say (on behalf of Kelly and I) that we were very impressed with how well organized and put together this last weekend's tournament was.  We loved how you set the tone of good sportsmanship in the beginning with your talk.  Everyone was super friendly, came up to us and shook our hands, we were impressed.  The concessions was great too...good prices and great selection of food.  It was also fun to see the adult bump game in between games too.  The whole thing was just awesome.  Even handing out shirts to every team in the beginning.  Probably the best tourney we've been to...and it wasn't because our girls got 1st place, even if we would have lost we would have felt the same.  We will definitely be back if you put on another tournament....we'd like to play some 5th grade girl teams too.  Although the teams we played against this weekend had some good lil players on them.  Thanks again for everything and tell your wife thank you too, she did a lot. 😊

                                                                                                                                                             -Shelby McMahon

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